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Ecocelta Galicia, S.L
Road. PO-253 km 0,8
36895 - Ponteareas
Pontevedra (Galicia) SPAIN
Phone: +34 986645487

Ecocelta S. L. Galician is a SME dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of fertilizers and organic amendments for use as fertilizers in agriculture and gardening. Ecocelta recycles organic waste through composting and vermicomposting (worm composting), maintaining a commitment to the environment and always working under the premise of sustainable management.

Ecocelta products are completely natural, with absolutely no additives or synthetic nutrients, and are powerful fertilizers which return essential nutrients to the soil,including organic matter and microbiota. Many of the raw materials used would otherwise be wasted in landfills or incinerated, hence the importance of the company's environmental work.


Among the services offered to customers and clients, Ecocelta stands out for its environmental management of organic waste through composting and vermiculture, along with R&D projects with organic debris. We also provide top notch consulting on operating vermiculture plants for commercial use and waste management.


Taking an active part in the defense and conservation of nature and resources, Ecocelta develops environmental education activities such as seminars, courses on recycling and worm or guided tours of the facility. We believe in this commitment to the environment, understanding that environmental education plays a crucial role in a society committed to the protection of the environment now and in the future.

Ecocelta offers the service of on-farm manure application to individuals and companies (vineyards and greenhouses). We have specially designed machinery for the application of organic fertilizers.




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* Production of certified organic fertilizers for use in Organic Agriculture Agricultural consulting REGULATION EC personalized 834/2007-889/2008. Download (PDF)

* Authorized entity GALICIA LINER-XUNTA through composting and Vermiculture SC-U-NP-XV-00044 SC-I-NP-XV-00070.  Download (PDF)

* Technic Plant ES.36.06.PTEC. Download (PDF)

* Certificate of registration in the Registry of Agricultural Industries 36/41058. Download (PDF)

* REGA code asignment authorization ES360420233901. Download (PDF)



Ecocelta Galicia SL, CIF: B-36449643, registered on April 5, 2011 in the Commercial Register of Pontevedra by the notary Antonio A. Salgueiro Navy, Protocol 452. Tomo 2893, Book 2893, Folio 97, Sheet PO-33715,
Registration 8 º.